This Is Me

This is me, enjoying the shade of a tree in the middle of Cape Town’s winelands. . . For all of you who know me, you know how I love to laugh and be the center of attention at times. I love to present in front of a group (I used to be a yoga… Continue reading This Is Me

Poetry Project

Some Moments

Some moments you want to freeze in place, your first kiss with your SoulLove, a rare heart-to-heart chat with your teenager the day before you lost a matriarch in your family... There are moments you wish would never end, and there are those you think will never end. Moments are fleeting and everything changes, so… Continue reading Some Moments


What’s Inspiring Me Right Now?

Susannah Conway. Well, she's actually a "who" 🙂 and she's inspiring this very blog post. I'm taking her Blogging from the Heart course at the moment, and I love it. Every day she sends an email with info and to-dos that are quite bite-size and doable, even with an already full daily schedule. If you're looking… Continue reading What’s Inspiring Me Right Now?

Journaling, Mindfulness

A Breath Through Anxiety

Anxiety hurts. It hurts the person who struggles with it And it hurts everyone around them who are trying to help them through it. It’s like a ripple that turns into a wave Crashing down on the shoreline And taking back with it whatever it can. If you’ve ever experienced it, or know someone who… Continue reading A Breath Through Anxiety


Veritas, no vino required…

Veritas, no vino required... Friday nights. I'm sitting home on a Friday night, having dinner with myself on my deck out back. Watching my dog play and graze on the grass like she's a vegetarian. Guess she needs to eat soon;)  But I sit here and think of what society tells us we should do… Continue reading Veritas, no vino required…

my Yoga

my 200-hr journey comes to an end ~ but more goodness begins

I've been working on this blog post for 3 days now. Trying to get it just so (now that I'm having fun adding pictures) - but something (someone) has been weighing heavy on my mind, then the news of the Boston Marathon bombings came, and I felt the need to hold from posting. How could… Continue reading my 200-hr journey comes to an end ~ but more goodness begins