Life Reminders

Finding “that” Balance

As I sit down to write a new blog, I quickly check facebook to see the "latest and greatest" of the day. No sooner do I find today's blog post from a My Yoga Online contributor about finding balance in life. Just the thought I had as I finished up an hour of pilates here… Continue reading Finding “that” Balance

Life Reminders

“How was your Thanksgiving?”

I have spent the majority of this week so far answering the question, "How was your Thanksgiving?" and have noticed myself giving the proverbial, "It was good." Just today I was wondering how many others give the same response, for whatever reason. After a you-don't-want-to-know-what-I-called-it-day today, I came home and loved on my kids after… Continue reading “How was your Thanksgiving?”

Yoga Training & Workshops

I love…

This past weekend (the 4th of 9 total sessions) included so much. I am still ruminating and processing it all. From actual class experiences to helping with assists,ย  from learning about chakras and meditation to life in general mixed in. So in my quest for understanding, I will keep it simple. Very simple, and list… Continue reading I love…


Beauty at Yoga Fest

All day yesterday was the 2nd Annual North Florida Yoga Fest at the Riverside Arts Market. I wish I could have spent every minute there, but due to having to work, I just made it for the 108 Sun Salutations and am very happy I did. 108 of anything sounds like a feat in and… Continue reading Beauty at Yoga Fest