How long have you been doing yoga?

I started doing yoga shortly after my third child was born (2006). I went regularly to the YMCA for a Saturday morning class. When I missed, my week felt off. Though I nearly walked out of my first class, yoga soon became a part of who I was and became a necessity for my well-being. In 2012, my practice grew with more regularity to nearly every day.

What kind of writing do you like to do?

I prefer creative writing, both fiction and non-fiction. But I’ve done work in content development, marketing copy, and SEO-focused material.

What kind of editing services do you offer?

My editing services consist of basic proofreading, copy editing, and content editing. I charge by page. (The industry standard for a page is 250 words.)

Proofreading – $3/page – Proofing for spelling errors, typos, punctuation and capitalization errors, and awkward grammar. There is no re-working of text or rearranging content with this service.

Copy editing – $4-5/page – This service improves style, formatting, accuracy, inconsistencies, and flow – in addition to checking for grammatical errors. There are different levels of copy editing: light, medium, and heavy. Light consists of checking for accuracy, as well as grammatical errors. Medium corrects flow and re-works some of the text. Heavy copy editing restructures paragraphs or may correct style, flow, and grammar.

Content editing – $7.50/page – This editing service is much more intensive and may include re-writing sections of the content, adding things that may have been left out.