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lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

Yet again, I begin a blog post by telling you about a dream I had. It was a funny and weirdish one, but it's still interesting how even the funny/weirdish ones can propel you forward in helping you see certain things about life and yourself... I was supposed to meet an old friend for coffee… Continue reading lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

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my 200-hr journey comes to an end ~ but more goodness begins

I've been working on this blog post for 3 days now. Trying to get it just so (now that I'm having fun adding pictures) - but something (someone) has been weighing heavy on my mind, then the news of the Boston Marathon bombings came, and I felt the need to hold from posting. How could… Continue reading my 200-hr journey comes to an end ~ but more goodness begins

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Get Out of the Way of Yourself

If I learned one thing during my last weekend of yoga teacher instruction, I learned many. But one thing in particular stands out ~ the necessity for me to get out of the way of myself. As I start to write this, Sting's "Why Should I Cry For You?" starts to play and I think,… Continue reading Get Out of the Way of Yourself

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I love…

This past weekend (the 4th of 9 total sessions) included so much. I am still ruminating and processing it all. From actual class experiences to helping with assists,  from learning about chakras and meditation to life in general mixed in. So in my quest for understanding, I will keep it simple. Very simple, and list… Continue reading I love…

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Beauty at Yoga Fest

All day yesterday was the 2nd Annual North Florida Yoga Fest at the Riverside Arts Market. I wish I could have spent every minute there, but due to having to work, I just made it for the 108 Sun Salutations and am very happy I did. 108 of anything sounds like a feat in and… Continue reading Beauty at Yoga Fest

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Day 2 of weekend 2

Day 2 of weekend 2 and I feel great. Today was a completely awesome day, even though I'm completely pooped right now. Speaking of... Did you know, when doing yoga postures and movements you should always go from right to left? I had no idea! But indeed, it does aid in eliminating wastes from the… Continue reading Day 2 of weekend 2

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dandelions and bandhas

Our second weekend of training began today with an intense yogalates class that was packed wall-to-wall with yogis. You could barely fit one hand between each of our mats. Needless to say, you come to know your neighbor real fast. It was great! At one point, we were in bridge (setu bandhasana) and instructed to… Continue reading dandelions and bandhas