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Copycat Chicken and Rice Soup

This is THE best chicken and rice soup recipe I've ever made. It's supposed to be the copycat to Panera Bread's... but honestly I think it's better! I double it - and have plenty to feed a family of 5 and still have loads left over to bag and freeze. (It reheats very well for… Continue reading Copycat Chicken and Rice Soup

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Chocolate SoufflĂ© for Two

My baking buddy and I made a delicious chocolate souffle this past Saturday. And for the very first time too!! Neither one of us had ever eaten one, much less made one. When you hear of people baking souffles, it always seems scary, doesn't it? ... You listen in awe, but then you hear this… Continue reading Chocolate SoufflĂ© for Two

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SunBerry Day Smoothie

In the morning, I usually have toast with butter and blackberry preserves. It's tasty, sweet, and gets my day going. But one day last week, I didn't feel like having the "usual". I wanted a smoothie. So I looked in the frig to see what I could find for smoothie ingredients... I found strawberries, pineapple… Continue reading SunBerry Day Smoothie