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I’m Coming Home

I'm writing tonight because I need to. I need this keyboard underneath my fingertips like I need the air in my lungs. Without it, I feel as if I'm grasping at everything, trying to move forward yet stuck in the moment. I don't know exactly how this keyboard will help me move forward, but at… Continue reading I’m Coming Home

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I Can See Clearly Now

...well, almost. Almost 2 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a retina detachment. Having worked in the ophthalmology field for as long as I have, I knew exactly what was happening as the symptoms were coming on. But it wasn't until I heard it fall out of the mouth of an ophthalmologist friend that fear… Continue reading I Can See Clearly Now

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Teaching kids (and ourselves) how to leave the monkey mind alone

A heart to heart with my daughter One morning this week, I had a lengthy discussion with one of my daughters about breathing. She loves to take deep breaths, however they're quite audible, which is making her a target for criticism at school. I asked her why she likes taking such deep, audible breaths, but she… Continue reading Teaching kids (and ourselves) how to leave the monkey mind alone

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Just one of those days…

Rejection sucks. I don't care who you are or what you do - It happens to everyone, and it feels really really crummy. ***** I woke up this morning, the sun was shining, the pond was calm, the air was very light... and I thought, "This is going to be a beautifully productive day! I'm going to… Continue reading Just one of those days…

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Veritas, no vino required…

Veritas, no vino required... Friday nights. I'm sitting home on a Friday night, having dinner with myself on my deck out back. Watching my dog play and graze on the grass like she's a vegetarian. Guess she needs to eat soon;)  But I sit here and think of what society tells us we should do… Continue reading Veritas, no vino required…

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the yoga selfie … my self-analyzation

  A beautiful body, what's the use if you don't have a good heart."  - - R. Sharath Jois *** Several conversations/debates are being pushed around and shared on social media right now about yoga selfies, whether or not they are appropriate and represent yoga truthfully. Apparently, the media coverage of Tara Stiles riding around… Continue reading the yoga selfie … my self-analyzation

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Can we truly be present while planning for the future/for change?

The answer is YES. As a yoga practitioner, being mindful and staying in the now comes easier than it used to. Most of the time, I'm very mindful of my breath and space around me, using thought and pranayama (breathing) to move my body between and through asanas (poses). But at times my mind wanders… Continue reading Can we truly be present while planning for the future/for change?

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Finding your ‘reset button’ with the New Year.

I just came back from my favorite class. Saturday morning yoga at the Den - heated, lovingly crowded, kick-ass but also forgiving. Amazing energy. Amazing class. For the past many+ years, I've had a favorite Saturday morning ritual to help 'reset' my mind and body from the rigors of the work week that would without… Continue reading Finding your ‘reset button’ with the New Year.