Baking Tips

Bake with eggs at room temperature. Most recipes don’t tell you this, but it really makes a difference.

When making macarons, let eggs sit out for at least 24 hours.

Take the time to line your tins with parchment paper. Again, it really makes a difference. I still cut parchment circles for all of my baking tins. Maybe one day, I’ll invest in pre-cut ones…

“Gram it out.” I’ve baked both ways… measuring in cups and weighing out ingredients in grams. I’ve found weighing to the gram makes a big difference in how your bake will come out. It’s a much more precise and accurate way to bake, in my opinion. Plus, if you “gram it out”, your bakes will be much more predictable. We shouldn’t leave everything to the hands of the baking gods! 🙂