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When there’s something strange in your oven… Who ya gonna call??

The timing was exquisite. I mean, after having our oven for only 5 years and it being Halloween weekend, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Getting to the point – our oven broke.

Yes, it broke. *very sad face*

… First, the thermometer went ka-put. One night while roasting potatoes, it never stopped heating once it reached temperature. And MAN, did those potatoes cook FAST!! Lol. They were still tasty, but what usually takes 30-40 minutes took only 10! Needless to say, we knew something was wrong. Sure enough – it was the temperature sensor.

So my wonderful husband bought a new sensor and replaced it, of course – because he knows the way to my heart. He tested it out and all was good. Or so we thought…

Fast-forward to Halloween day – I was mixing Halloween cookie dough and pre-heating the oven. All of a sudden I heard a click, click, click then POOF! I looked in through the newly cleaned oven door/window (again, thanks to my wonderful husband!) and saw a big spark, then FLAMES.


(What’s funny… maybe, maybe not, depending on your humor … was the song playing as this was happening. Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell. *hand over face*)

Of course, I turned off the oven, texted my husband, and he called me right away. Told me to turn off the range at the breaker box, just in case, until he could get home and see what’s going on. It turns out that during that time of the oven with the potatoes, heating and heating and never stopping, it burned through a weak section in the bottom heating coil and it broke, causing the spark and flames I saw through the oven door.

Again, being the wonderfulness that he is, the part was been ordered and is on the way! Soon I’d be OVEN-RIGHT!

In the meantime, I had this cookie dough that was intended for Halloween cookies. Being Halloween day, I couldn’t really save it for another day once my oven was fixed. What would be the point? We’d be into Thanksgiving season. No one wants Halloween cookies for Thanksgiving!

Then an idea popped in!

I could use the toaster oven on the convention setting! Brilliant! It took MUCH longer to bake the cookies, as I could only fit 6 in at a time. But it worked well enough, much to my surprise. All 48 peanut butter spider cookies were baked and decorated in time for Halloween.

Peanut Butter Reese’s Spider Cookies

“But what about dinner?”

my husband asked.

I had planned on making Mummy Meatloaf. My first year ever making it, inspired by a good friend. It looks disgusting but I tell you, it’s delicious. AND fun to make! … but again … you need an oven.

Mummy Meatloaf in the making

Maybe it was the fact that it was Halloween, or that the energy of the Blue Full Moon was shining down, or the fact that I was just in the ZONE – but I got another wonderfully creative idea for how to cook the Mummy Meatloaf…

…our air fryer! YES, that could work!

Left: Addison’s vegetarian Mummy Meatloaf – Right: Very Scary Mummy Meatloaf

And it did. Beautifully. I made our Mummy Meatloaf in our air fryer and our daughter’s vegetarian Mummy “Meatloaf” in the toaster oven on bake:) It all worked out brilliantly and we were able to have our fun, last-minute dress-up Halloween dinner together, complete with creatively baked Halloween cookies and quite the scary looking meatloafs.

Note to self?

I can do it.

Despite setbacks, we can move forward. “We can do hard things.” Whenever you hit a bump in the road or the wind leaves your sails, always remember … you’ll reach smoother pavement down the way; the tide will turn with wind to fill your sails once again.

It’s easy to get discouraged when things go haywire or simply not as we had planned. But sometimes life’s best moments are those when things aren’t planned, when life just happens.

Here’s to your little moments of discovery too. May you find them in the best and worst times. And may they lift your spirits when your spirit needs a boost.

Lots of love, my friends. Stay safe.

Sabrie xo

From left to right, top to bottom: Addison as Bo-Katan, Me as Satine, Adam as Dr. Fauci, Emma Grace as Ashoka, Elizabeth as Adora from She-Ra.

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