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Gratitude in Pizza Dough and Table Talk

This a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”

– Maya Angelou

Last night, we were sitting around the dinner table. All 5 of us. Having a great discussion about all the different religions and spiritual beliefs held by people all over the world. And it made me grateful. So grateful to be married to someone who doesn’t judge another just because of differing beliefs, that he is willing to listen to and consider varying opinions with an open mind. And also grateful to be the mother of 3 teenage girls who have developed their own way of thinking and who happen to be very much the same as my husband. Though not his biological children, all 3 are growing into equally thoughtful, loving, and open souls, careful not to judge another simply because of differing culture and/or beliefs.

photo by @justholdmylens

Sitting around that table last night, being surrounded by great discussion with those I love so much, I was overcome with immense gratitude. And it got me thinking…

Gratitude is everything!

If we’re not grateful for the things and people right in front of us, how can we ever find real peace and comfort? If we’re always reaching for something else, how can we ever fully enjoy the moments we have right now?

SO, because I’m feeling very grateful at the moment… I thought I’d list some things I’m grateful for, and maybe it’ll get you thinking too!

My Monday Gratitudes:

  • being off of work today and tomorrow
  • sitting at my desk while I type this, looking out at our backyard and appreciating how far it’s come with effort and love
  • watching the sky slowly awake and lighten as the sun breaks in
  • a new planner being shipped and on the way (This one is totally different than any I’ve seen! It’s a one-month-at-a-time planner, which is perfect for me – because I tend to get quite overwhelmed seeing the entire year sitting blank in front of me.)
  • a new book on Outlining Your Novel on the way (Yes, I believe I have a story inside of me… have thought this for years now and have tried many times to get it out and onto paper… fingers crossed!)
  • making garlic knots for the very first time last night for our Weekend Pizza Night and everyone loving them
  • baking and decorating Halloween cookies with my oldest daughter
  • the inspiration I get from this community, right here ❤

So now it’s your turn. What are you grateful for? What has your heart singing and full of happiness? Let’s get a gratitude train going in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for!

Lots of love, my friends.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude in Pizza Dough and Table Talk”

  1. I haven’t written anything in my gratitude journal for over a week but tonight I am going to write about how grateful I am to have read this lovely blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks for such the sweet comment!! I get sidetracked at times and forget to write down gratitudes too, but it really does help, especially during times of stress. I’m so glad you’ve been inspired to write down yours! Let me know how it goes! And again, stay safe xo

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