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I have a NEW love!

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. 

― Maya Angelou

When this pandemic hit and things first shut down here in Florida, my family and I were very careful not to go to any shops unless absolutely necessary. This included the grocery shop. We made an agreement to only go once a week. We sat down each weekend and made a menu of our meals for the week, so that we could do all of our weekly shopping in one day. Then come home and shower and be done with it.

At first, it was tedious. My goodness, was it tedious! …Especially having to wipe down ALL the groceries with bleach water before bringing them in to the house. Do you remember that?! Ugh, it made grocery shopping a chore I sincerely despised every single week!

But shortly there after (though it didn’t seem so shortly there after), we were able to stop the excessive wiping down of groceries with bleach water and slowly but surely grocery shopping returned to a slightly more bearable weekly duty.

And we fell into a nice rhythm.

Saturday or Sunday, we’d make our weekly menu. Writing it down and posting it on our menu board in the kitchen so everyone knew what to expect every evening. It was nice. Knowing what the next day would bring and not having to have that conversation of …

“What do you want for dinner tonight?”

“I don’t know. What you do want?”

You know how the story goes.

from our kitchen

Every evening we were rightly prepared, cooking what we had planned and having everything at our fingertips right there in our cupboard. We were also able to look ahead at the menu for the next day and take out anything needed from the freezer to thaw. The shutdown was stressful enough, we didn’t need the added “What do you want for dinner?” conversation adding to the already anxiety-filled moments of our day.

And soon, what became a rhythm, became a pattern. And what became a pattern, became a habit. And I must say, that even though restrictions on shops and restaurants have eased for now, we still continue this ritual every weekend. And I kinda like it.

Actually let me correct myself… I kinda LOVE it.

from our kitchen too

I enjoy looking through my various cookbooks and cuisine magazines for tasty yet easy (especially for week nights) recipes to try. A few of my current faves are – –

  • The Hattie’s Restaurant Cookbook by Jasper Alexander
  • Absolute Favourites by Mary Berry
  • The Silver Palate Cookbook by Rosso & Lukins
  • and various Cuisine at Home magazines

I also love adding tried and true dinners to the menu that are a hit time and time again, like spaghetti and garlic bread or Breakfast for Dinner! Those meals never go out of style.

But whatever our menu consists of, whether it’s grilled cheese or a multi-step weekend bake, I have come to truly enjoy this process of planning and seeking out new recipes to try, organizing and cooking for my family.

and again, our kitchen menu board

I have an immense love for baking, as you all know, and now I’ve grown into this overwhelming love of cooking savory meals too – thanks to this pandemic.

There aren’t many things we can be thankful for when it comes to this pandemic (this, in which, we are still struggling through) – but a few things have changed in our house because of it, and I’m glad.

What things have changed for you? Is there something new that you and your family do? A change brought on by living through this coronavirus shutdown that has cemented into your daily or weekly routine that you enjoy?

Share with me in the comments below:) I’d love to hear about it!

Lots of love, my friends.

Sabrie xo

2 thoughts on “I have a NEW love!”

  1. Oh the horror of cleaning vegetables and fruits during the peak of the pandemic! And of course going through WHO’s guidelines every week on how to wash vegetables and fruits to see if they’ve updated and suggested easier ways to do so. I am so glad things don’t feel as bad as they did in May. 🙂

    1. Me too! I’m hoping they continue to improve. It doesn’t look so promising but there’s always hope:) Stay safe, my friend! Eventually things will get better.

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