Weekly Intentions

Day 13 of this Floridian’s Quarantine

How’s everyone doing?

I’m doing okay. I have moments of sadness and anxiety, then step outside and see the bright blue sky and new leaves on the trees and wonder HOW ON EARTH IS THERE A PANDEMIC GOING ON RIGHT NOW?! Fortunately I CAN go outside… many people around the world are stuck inside their homes/apartments without the ability to even step foot on a sidewalk, or even yet – on grass.

It’s tough what we’re all going through. Everything is so unknown. I do find it comforting seeing and hearing so many people checking in with others though – either while walking down the street or while scrolling social media. I mainly use Instagram and there are SO MANY wonderful people checking in from where they are. It cheers me up, truthfully! Even though they can’t really hear me when I answer back, I know they care enough to ask. And that’s what matters.

So in the same spirit I ask you, “How are you doing?”

I truly hope you’re doing well.


Some things that are helping me right now are:

Getting back in the kitchen. Since I’ve been feeling better, I’ve returned to the kitchen and have baked a little. I made some Toffee and White Chocolate Chip cookies (that were devoured in mere hours!) Last night, I made some parmesan biscuits to go with dinner (they didn’t turn out to be show-stoppers, but it felt GREAT to get my hands in pastry again!). And today, I’m planning a Cream Cheese and Chocolate Banana Coffee Cake. Yum!!

Watching Gardener’s World and Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites. …and on the line-up is Mary Berry’s Country Home Secrets! I signed up for BritBox so I could enjoy these gems. Monty Don and Mary Berry are two of my favorite Brits on TV and seeing them in their gorgeous surroundings lifts my mood ever so wonderfully. AND they give GREAT tips and advice on gardening and cooking – 2 of my favorite things to do!

Writing. Anything and everything. I write in my journal in the morning, then check in with Writing through Uncertainty, pop-on to my blog page and do a few edits there, write and post a little something for #AprilLove 2020, and maybe write some more. It’s true… writing helps. Whether it’s an escape from the news at the moment or filtering my way through thoughts and emotions to find a calm center in which to sit for a while, writing is very therapeutic. And the beautiful thing is it doesn’t have to make sense! It can be just a jumble of words or thoughts on a piece of paper – it doesn’t matter. Because no one has to read it, if I don’t want them to. It’s my own personal refuge.

FRESH AIR. This is perhaps the most important of all. Whenever I feel a ping of anxiety or nervousness come about, I step outside and breathe. For those of you out there who aren’t allowed to walk outside at the moment, if you’re restricted from stepping out of your home, open a window. Let that earthy air flow into your lungs. Let those sounds of the outdoors filter through your ears. Being within the confines of a home can give anyone (pets too!) cabin fever, so make sure you’re tasting the outdoors every day in some way.

Much love, my friends. Just checking in:) Stay well and stay healthy. And yes, STAY HOME.

Sabrie xo

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