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Oh, if only I could bake right now!

…I want to bake. So bad!

But I’m self-quarantining due to not feeling so hot. I honestly think it’s a cold I picked up from my daughter (she’s well now), but right now we can’t be too sure or too safe. Especially after my recent trip to NYC… just taking extra precautions, staying home, and not preparing any food for anyone other than myself.

And because of my restriction from the kitchen, my husband has been so sweet in taking over for now. In fact, just today while he was preparing to make grilled cheeses for him and the girls, he agreed to make me my fancy-as-f*ck brie and blackberry grilled sandwich without any qualms. Absolutely nothing but a smile, I tell ya:)

(Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, YOU MUST! And be sure to butter and grill BOTH sides of the bread first before adding the middle ingredients. My husband grills sandwiches this way – as does this recipe – and it is the most delectable, buttery, delicious way.)

These are indeed unchartered days. Working from home, schools closed with online instruction being arranged, businesses all over town changing their hours and ways of operations… it’s enough to drive anyone bonkers.

But we must collectively remember we’re all sailing towards Bonkers in the same proverbial boat. And it will be okay. We will stay afloat.

Just try to think of things to get your mind off of this COVID-19-biz every now and then.

Speaking of… I did something!

A few weeks ago I received an invitation through LinkedIn from a Casting Producer to complete an application for an amateur baking competition show. I thought about it, hemmed and hawed … then thought, “WHY NOT?! What the hell do I have to lose?” Absolutely nothing!

So I proceeded. With trepidation only because of nervousness, but nonetheless I did it. I answered their questions and sent it in, along with pictures of a few of my favorite bakes. (as below)

Fingers crossed!! I’m pretty proud of my bakes, and I hope they’re impressed too!

But I’ll keep you posted. For sure. As soon as I hear something, anything, even if I only hear crickets, you’ll be the first to know.

And take care, my friends. Stay well. Don’t go stir-crazy! Remember to check-in with those you love and get a bit of fresh air every day – even if you simply step out onto your patio or balcony. Get out there and smile at the world. We will be okay:)

Sending love,

Sabrie xo

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