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Weekly Intentions 2/24/20

Happy Sunday!

When you allow yourself to float in your own waters, you will discover the sea of potential that you are. Not all potential can be unlocked straight away, rather it is a slow process that ebbs and flows throughout the specially orchestrated timing of our life.

– Tanaaz, Forever Consicous, on the Pisces New Moon tonight

As I sit here, fingertips poised on the keyboard, focus gazed off into the distance (for fear I might be intimidated by the blank screen), listening to bird songs and feeling the cool wind gently pick up here and there… I’m honestly at a loss for words.

Writer’s block is reality today.

It’s like my muse has gone on holiday! She’s no where to be found. I search and search but only stillness fills this space.

Maybe she senses all the “life stuff” I’ve been so preoccupied with lately? Maybe she wants me to settle all of that first before stating a new project? Maybe I’ve been the one shutting her out because of worrying so about other things? (THAT’S entirely possible.) Or maybe I’m captivated by the beauty of the birdsong and sunset that words have simply vanished from my fingertips.

Whatever it may be, IT IS time to check in with myself and set a few intentions for the upcoming week.

But first! Let’s see how last week went…

…I started reading Safari Ants, Baggy Pants, and Elephants by Susie Kelly. (She tells glorious stories with such candid humor and emotion. Love her!)

…I finished the audiobook Four Ways to the Center by Alan Watts. (I’ve listened to nearly ALL of his audiobooks. I really wish there were more!)

…I sat down with a couple more chapters in Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert during lunch. (I will continue to devour this deliciousness slowly over time.)

…I researched a bit more for my upcoming trip to NYC and discovered one of the places I hope to visit is the Rose Main Reading Room inside the New York Public Library. It looks so enchanting!

…And I was much more mindful of my energy and took rests when needed (when I could) – but this is a constant for me, as I find myself running ragged quite frequently during the week. You too?? I know I’m not the only one who feels this:)

…As for the other intentions, they’re still there. Perhaps in the back of my mind at the moment, but nonetheless still there. I mean, what would one do if everything on their to-do list was checked off?! There needs to be something still there to keep us moving forward, right? Haha…

So because my muse seems to be on holiday, or whatever the case may be, my intentions for this week are going to be really simple –

This week’s intention:

Be present.

Try not to worry so about things that may or may not happen. Take things one step at a time. And don’t overthink! (I’m famous for that.) Pause and breathe. Life gets hectic every now and then. But it’s in those moments when you feel you don’t have time to slow down, that you need to slow down. Pause. It’s okay. You can hit play again soon.

Happy week ahead, my friends! And happy pausing:)

Sabrie xo

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