Weekly Intentions

My Weekly Intentions 2/17/20

Hi everyone!

I hope your week was fulfilling and more productive than mine (if productive was what you were aiming for). My week was a bit emotional and taxing. I had every intention (of course) of meeting all of my last week’s intentions, however some were left still holding to the list…

  • I finished reading I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry… by Susie Kelly. And what a heartbreakingly real memoir it is. I laughed, I cried, and couldn’t stop thinking about it for a while after finishing. Still haven’t!
  • I labeled my journals with little tabs indicating a locale change for entries (for ease of finding trips and stories for inspiration).
  • I’ve begun my search of things to do in NYC while there for a few days next month… still searching though. I don’t need to tell you – there’s tons to do there! But what to pick and what to see??

… the other intentions – – well, I didn’t quite see to their fruition.

I have butter out on the kitchen counter coming up to room temp to make the arlettes, but I’m not sure if I have the energy or willingness to do it today. The butter may very well find itself back in the fridge til next time.

I didn’t make it to a coffee house at lunchtime at all this past week, which I do regret. This one will be going back on the list for this week, because it’s something that I really want to make into a habit for myself.

And I didn’t read anymore of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I looked at it, as I carry it around with me in my backpack for inspiration when needed. But I didn’t pull it out and open it up. So.. back on the list with this one too.

This week’s intentions:

  • Start reading Safari Ants, Baggy Pants, and Elephants by Susie Kelly (I really like her writing and story-telling style.)
  • Finish the audiobook Four Ways to the Center by Alan Watts.
  • Make those deliciously looking but deceptively hard arlettes from Celebrations, a GBBS cookbook.
  • Get to a coffee house for at least 1 lunch this week.
  • Read a couple more chapters in Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert for a little soulful and creative inspiration.
  • Research more interesting sights and finds in NYC for my few days there next month.
  • Be more mindful of my energy and take rests when needed. (This is so important right now, as Mercury has gone retrograde and it’s Pisces season. If you’re at all interested in this topic, Tanaaz at Forever Conscious beautifully explains the cosmos and their effect on our lives with great positivity and care. She’s definitely worth the read.)

Wishing you all peace as you journey through your week. See you here same time next Sunday. Happy week ahead!



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