Weekly Intentions

This Week’s Intentions 2/10/20

Such a simple concept, yet so true: that which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through intention or ignorance, our successes and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves.

– Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain

It’s been a while! Looking back on my weekly intentions posts, it’s been since August 2018 that I’ve posted my “wish list” for the week. But I’m feeling the need to rebirth this little category!

Last week, I set a goal for myself of writing a blog post and hitting “publish to post” every month. First of all, I’m quite proud of myself for setting (and sticking to) this goal. Writing for me is like breathing. I write all the time. In my journal. On stickies. In my Notes app on my phone. On scratch paper at work. On my Instagram feed, accompanying share-worthy photos. And in my head. All the time. If I’m not physically writing, I’m thinking about writing. Words constantly run through my head. But as far as actually sharing those words in a published form, I’m bad about hitting “publish” (which is another blog that I’m sure I’ll touch on eventually). So my goal for posting 1 every month is realistic for me!

Which gets me to my “second of all…” – those tiny weekly goals that lead up to a monthly blog post for me. Little weekly intentions that keep my head on right and my sanity intact. Small and inspiring moments of goal-hitting that keep my heart smiling.

So without further adieu, this is my list of intentions for the upcoming week:

  • Write my list of weekly intentions. (Yay!! I’m already making progress!)
  • Bake the next recipe in my Great British Baking Show cookbook, which I believe are arlettes.
  • Start planning my next trip to see my husband in New York City! I’ve never been and am so excited to spend a few days there. (If any of you have recommendations on where to go and what to see, please comment below! Any hidden gems that are off the beaten path? I’d love to try to explore those!)
  • Label my journal pages for each point of travel. (Some of my experiences bring me great inspiration. So for ease of reference, I thought quick labels would be helpful.)
  • Finish reading “I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry…” by Susie Kelly.
  • Continue relishing in “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • Take as many lunch breaks at a nearby coffee shop, to revive my work brain. (Some days I don’t even step out of the office, and that’s so bad for me. I get bogged down and worn out, so this one is very important to my sanity on a weekly basis!)

Here’s to the week ahead! Happy journeys.

Sabrie xo

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