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Reading through July

I’ve been meaning to post another Reading List for the month ever since March… but once the first of the month comes around, it’s like the end of the month is already here! Anyone else feel this way??

Nevertheless, here I am.

The past few weeks have been about being here, living in the now, for me …

… and wondering, Do people still have book clubs? I mean, real ones. The kind where people meet in each other’s homes, have tea, eat desserts, and talk about the book they’re all reading together??

I, for one, would absolutely love that!

I watched The Jane Austen Book Club the other night and just marveled at their meetings, although I’ve never really gotten into any of Austen’s books. Yeah I know it’s just a movie, but that could still happen in real life, right?

Who’s up to joining a book club? Or are you already a member of one? If so, I’d love to hear all about it!

And as I dream of hosting a book club, I’ll continue to share what I’m reading here on my blog. These are the books I’ve been reading this month of July:

  • The Jewel Garden by Monty and Sarah Don
  • Just So: An Odyssey into the Cosmic Web of Connection, Play, and True Pleasure (audiobook) by Alan Watts (I’m actually on my second listen of this incredible book.)

What are you currently reading? I’d love to know!


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