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April Reading 2019

I know I said I’d start posting my reading list monthly… but here we are at the end of March and I have yet to post for this month.

I’m a bit sad to say this month has been a bit of a wash. At the beginning of the month, I caught an awful bronchial infection that had me down and out for nearly 2 weeks. Then it was recovery time, slowly regaining strength, sorting and prioritizing all that I wanted and needed to do during the time I was sick.

Needless to say though, I still have a reading list in mind. But let’s keep it real. It needs to be simplified a bit, don’t you think? Five or six books (even though a few were cookbooks) was a bit too ambitious last time. Plus, with spring coming alive now, I’m itching to get out in my garden, which will cut down on my leisurely reading time.

So I think I’ll pare it down to two books for the month of April. I think that’s pretty reasonable, don’t you?

One, a novel; and the other, a cookbook.

The goal is two-fold… to read and bake a bit more than I have this past month.

The novel I’ll be reading is The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony, with Graham Spence; though it’s less novel and more autobiography. The prequel to An Elephant in My Kitchen (which was on my reading list in January/February), it tells the tale of the birth of Thula Thula, an elephant and rhino reserve in South Africa, from the eyes and heart of Francoise’s husband, Lawrence – the initial life-blood of Thula Thula.

I absolutely loved Francoise’s book! I can only imagine how in love I’ll be with The Elephant Whisperer.

The cookbook I’ve chosen to focus on this month is The Great British Bake Off Celebrations. I want to bake more but I feel I have a hard time staying focused on what to bake. There are so many great recipes I want to try! When it comes to deciding what to bake… I want to do it all. So I’m thinking some order may help. Perhaps working from cover to cover (or there about), one recipe at a time.

Hey… maybe I’ll post a baking update here and there, as well!


Ps.. What are you reading these days?

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