An Overberg Odyssey

There are train tracks that start in the Port of Cape Town and go all the way up and around mountains to the Elgin Railway Market.

This enchanting ride along the Ceres Railway was one of our outings during my visit to South Africa this past holiday.

Opened in 2018, the market resides in the old Elgin Apple Warehouse boasting with numerous venders from bakers to ice cream makers, jewelry designers to furniture creators.

One of our favorite stops within the market was the L-Gin Craft Gin and Tonics stand. To say their drinks were delicious would be an understatement. Equally delightful to the eye and tastebud, they use only hand-crafted gins with fresh berries and edible flowers. The perfect drink to sip while people watching and chatting within the enormously welcoming hub of excitement.

If you love inspiring architecture, South African wines, freshly baked desserts, country food, unique finds, then you’ll LOVE the Elgin Railway Market.

And if you love steam trains and taking a little step back in time to get from Point A to Point B, then you’ll love taking a journey on the Ceres Railway.

Whether you ride along in a private cabin with leather benches that lower down to sleeping cots or in a larger living room style train car fitted with sofas and lounge chairs, you’ll enjoy the clickety clack of the train as it journeys through forests, small towns and farms.

And make sure you bring your imagination and sense of adventure, especially when passing through the tunnels… You never know who might appear or disappear in complete darkness!


(Images by Patrick King Photography)

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