My Lists

My Favorite… instagram accounts

Feeling uninspired?? Me too. You know a great way to climb out of a rut is to dream and make a list of your favorite things – whether places to visit, things to do outdoors, favorite desserts, ANYTHING to awaken your creativity and put the spring in your step again!

I love lists! I love sharing my favorites of things and hearing the favorites of others. And since I’ve recently discovered some oh-so-lovely instagram accounts, I thought I’d start this blog section off with my recent fave IG accounts:

  1. @susannahconway
  2. @dy_ellie
  3. @aladyinlondon
  4. @ritafarhinoirot
  5. @windmilldreams
  6. @a_ontheroad
  7. @ambielina
  8. @Prettycitylondon
  9. @little_house_on_a_london_road
  10. @clairebearlondon

Do you see a trend??? 🙂

What new gem of accounts/websites have you discovered lately ?



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