Weekly Intentions

My week’s intentions, 7

I suppose this is becoming routine now, me posting my weekly intentions on Wednesday. I haven’t exactly figured out why. Perhaps it’s because I jam so much into my weekends to enjoy them to their fullest that I don’t give myself the time or conserve the energy to sit down and list them all out. Perhaps by midweek I’m ready to sit, breathe, and think. Perhaps it’s all of the above.

Nonetheless, I’ll take it. I’m okay with it. I’m giving myself permission to call my week’s start Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, if that’s what it’s turning out to be. Who says every week HAS to start on Sunday or Monday anyway??

So last week, I gave myself one mantra and one intention only, because I was feeling quite run down:

Slow down and be gentle.

And I did just that. It took me a while some days to remember and actually do. Even this past weekend, my husband helped by asking if I’d like to go get mani/pedis … I had woken up frustrated with work, kids, and being surrounded by sterile walls and black scrubs (we wear black scrubs at work – quite monotone and uninspiring much of the time), and he knew exactly what I needed.

Slow down and be gentle with yourself. 

So this week, I’m continuing this theme but in a few different ways with my intentions.

This week’s intentions:

  • Take more tea/coffee breaks.
  • Spend time inside a coffee house, actually drinking the tea/coffee there:)
  • Find time every day to sit and relax, even just to breathe at the end of the day.
  • Enjoy my surroundings. Find something beautiful in every day objects.
  • Wake up (and this is a VERY tough one for me but so important, I feel) early enough to write a bit in my journal.
  • Prepare my lunches for the next day the night before. (This is mainly to help save money. It gets quite expensive to eat out for lunch every day.)

So if you’re in the same (or similar) boat as I am, take a breath… slow down… and find something to focus on that makes you happy, settles your soul, and speaks to your heart. You’ll gain traction soon to move forward with whatever your purpose is. But don’t be afraid to take a breather every now and then. We all need them to return to center and remember our soul’s purpose.

Peace, my friends.


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