Weekly Intentions

My Week’s Intentions

I’ve read blog posts from @shutterbean on weekly intentions and to-do lists to keep yourself accountable throughout the week and thought… what a great idea! She doesn’t always cross everything off her list before making her next one, which (I’m guessing) is going to be a lot like me.

By the end of the weekend, I’m looking forward to the upcoming week thinking… ok, what is this week going to consist of? What do I want to do? What do I want to try? What do I have to do first? In which order should I do things? 

And though I have many intentions on a weekly (even daily) basis that run through my head, I find I get distracted and lose track. I’m not always able to do all that I want to do, or have to do for that matter, because of other engagements, time crunches, and simple forgetfulness. So I thought this may be a good way to keep myself organized and responsible for the many “I want to do’s” of mine on a weekly basis.

Let’s give it a whirl. Who’s with me??

… I know I’m starting midweek with this one… which is why my number 1 is my Number 1:)

This week’s intentions:

  1. Write my weekly intentions on Sunday.
  2. Notice the little things/moments each day.
  3. Take more pictures.
  4. Take Bella for a longer than usual walk after work.
  5. Upload pictures of bakes to my Gallery page.
  6. Make lemon curd (and not let my lemons go bad).
  7. Make a chocolate and orange tart.
  8. Try to make mil hojas.
  9. Do laundry.
  10. Tidy up our guest room.
  11. Vacuum and clean bathrooms.
  12. Plan meals for the week.
  13. Arrange my growing assortment of cake plates above our kitchen cabinets.
  14. Start researching places to visit in South Africa, including bakeries. (Still can’t believe I’m going!!)
  15. Research a weekend trip to Charleston, Savannah, or Beaufort.
  16. Take a moment before going to bed each day for reflection – either by writing in my journal or documenting here with a picture, poem, or story.
  17. Make more swiss meringue buttercream to play with!


I’d love to know how your intentions play out too! Feel free to comment below.



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