Poetry Project

Some Moments

Some moments

you want to freeze in place,

your first kiss with your SoulLove,

a rare heart-to-heart chat with your teenager

the day before you lost a matriarch in your family…

There are moments you wish would never end,

and there are those you think will never end.

Moments are fleeting and everything changes,

so in those moments of complete wholeness,

those moments when you feel your heart couldn’t fill with one more ounce of love

because it’s already full to the rim with goodness,



Breathe it all in,

engulf the love that surrounds you

radiate the love within you

and just be,

be grateful for where you are

and from where you’ve come.

“If I lay here, if I just lay here, will you lie with me and just forget the world…”


4 thoughts on “Some Moments”

  1. That song literally makes me cry every time I hear it. Sorry to hear about your loss, Sabrie. ❤️ You are in my thoughts. Hoping the tides change soon, my friend.

    1. You’re the sweetest, Kelly. 💕 I haven’t had any recent losses. This may sound strange, but this was inspired by an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve been catching up with the show on Netflix and finally got to the part where Derek dies. Afterwards, I sat in silence thinking how fleeting life really is and that it can change in an instant. Then I started thinking about all of the good in my life and how I never want to forget it.

      1. Oh, that episode is so painful! I almost stopped watching the show because of that episode (and when Christina left the show). It’s because of that damn show that that song makes me cry. Although in reality, music often moves me to tears. I’m quite emotional that way.

      2. Haha, me too, Kelly, me too. I cry at so many songs, happy or sad. And that show has changed the meaning of Chasing Cars for me in so many ways. I almost stopped watching after George died. It definitely pulls on my heartstrings!

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