What’s Inspiring Me Right Now?

Susannah Conway. Well, she’s actually a “who” 🙂 and she’s inspiring this very blog post. I’m taking her Blogging from the Heart course at the moment, and I love it. Every day she sends an email with info and to-dos that are quite bite-size and doable, even with an already full daily schedule. If you’re looking for guidance and/or inspiration for your blog, check her out.

The color pink. Soft pink. I’ve gone through many favorite colors over the years, and I wouldn’t go so far as to say pink is now my favorite. However, I’m finding myself drawn to soft pinks right now. My phone case is soft pink, as is my computer case, my keyboard cover (thanks to my lovely hubby), my nails quite frequently, my watch face, my Pura Vida bracelets, my bedroom slippers… the list goes on and on. Soft pink to me feels like a breath of fresh air, a new beginning, a lightness, a comfort.

The Yoga International app. I haven’t taken a yoga class in an actual yoga studio in over a year (yet another blog post to come!). But I signed up for this app a couple months ago, hoping to start a regular class-like practice at home when I have time. This app is so lovely because, again, it offers bite-size classes. They also offer longer classes (60-45 minutes) should you have more time in the day. Each class is labeled and classified so you get exactly what you need at the moment… shoulder openings, relaxing poses, stretches… It’s lovely, and inspiring.

The Great British Baking Show. I rave about this show in my About Me. I can’t (and I say that with a British accent) say too many good things about it. I love GBBS! Mind you, NOT the new one but the original one with Paul, Mary, Mel and Sue. It’s a reality tv show but it doesn’t pit the contestants against one another, and it’s so inspiring for me as an amateur baker. I’ve watched the seasons over and over again and I’m still marveled by each. After each episode, I’m thinking and wondering, “…hmm, I wonder if I can do that!”

Far-off countrysides. I love to look at photos, especially of places I hope to visit one day. Don’t you just love looking and hoping and soft-planning of the hows, whens and wheres you’d like to travel? One in particular for me is Ireland. I actually have a picture of a scene in Ireland as my phone’s background image. I dream of sitting next to that stream, exploring the countryside with my love and visiting all the pubs nearby. One day… yes, one day:)

My kiddos. Watching them work so hard in school with dreams in their eyes of becoming whatever their heart desires. Quite frequently, I am moved to do and be the best I can so that their futures are wide-open. Having children opens your eyes to a new viewpoint of the world we live in, lets you see it from new perspectives. And I love how each of our children have a different perspective, each inspiring in a fresh and unique way.

All the love xxo



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