Journaling, Mindfulness

A Breath Through Anxiety

Anxiety hurts.
It hurts the person who struggles with it
And it hurts everyone around them who are trying to help them through it.
It’s like a ripple that turns into a wave
Crashing down on the shoreline
And taking back with it whatever it can.
If you’ve ever experienced it, or know someone who lives with it,
I feel for you.
My heart aches for you.
It’s not easy.
But eventually whatever the wave took from the seashore
Comes back.
Shells are redeposited.
Sand is replaced.
It will be okay.
I promise you.
Take a step back from your surroundings
And try to see the bigger picture for what it is.
We are each a part of something bigger,
We each have a unique contribution to give to this universe, our home, our family.
Be gentle.
Be you.
And breathe.
It sounds trite, but some days it truly is okay to take it one breath at a time and
Just be.


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