A Letter to Summer

Dear Summer, 

I’ve sat down several times to write this letter but nothing seems to come out. Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to say goodbye.

I’ve so enjoyed your sunny laziness. Your warm (ok right, downright HOT) days. Your thunderstorms and warm breezes. Your carefree weekends with all the time in the world to stretch and breathe.

You brought trips, fun, family and friends. Times we won’t see for another couple years and memories that will last a lifetime. But your stay is coming to an end and you must turn your attention to another.

As you pass Fall on your way out, please tell her to be vibrant. Bring in all the most beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. Let the holidays come slowly and the good times last a while. Guide her winds to a gentle cool as we’re kissed away into a different time.

It may be months again till we meet, but knowing you’ll return makes this goodbye so much easier to say. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your sun to shine on my toes and your laziness to settle in my mind once again. 

Safe travels.



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