10 Things That Make Me REALLY Happy

A really good yoga session, at home, outside or in a studio. One where I feel completely refreshed, warm, limber, and strong.

The first sip of my morning coffee.

Teaching. Anything. And seeing that person I’ve taught succeed in what they were striving to learn and accomplish.

Really good music, live or recorded. I mean the kind that gets deep down in your soul and stirs up emotions no words can describe.

Waking up with the sunrise and hearing birds sing. I often think of a Josh Groban song in the morning that starts off with the lyrics, “And the world begins to breathe…” Isn’t that thought amazing?? … the world beginning to breathe after a long night.

Rainy Sundays. The kind when you wake up to rain, that nice, steady rain fall that lasts all day long; and you notice you have just the right ingredients in your pantry to make that delicious soup recipe tucked away in your cookbooks all this time.

A night with great friends and family and good wine.

Playing the piano without any mistakes. The feeling of my fingers brushing across the keys and landing just where they’re supposed to. Playing effortlessly. I always remind myself… If I think too much about playing, I’m bound to make mistakes. Just let it flow, let the spirit of the music guide you and it’ll come.

Standing in Ernest Hemingway’s house and knowing he stood there too. Seeing his books, his typewriter, his writing studio and feeling his greatness, his drive, his inner turmoil and his love of words in print.

Coming home at the end of the day and our dog running up for a love, the kids racing downstairs for hugs, and my husband walking up with a welcome home kiss.

What makes YOU really happy?

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