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Get Your Warriors Ready for Game of Thrones: Season 6!

If you’re like me and A LOT of others, then you simply CANNOT wait for Sunday night – the new season of Game of Thrones to start! The drama, the wit, the violence, the sex… I never knew I would like it so much! My husband still laughs at how I watch some scenes from behind my hands, peeking around my fingers and keeping myself from harm.

Did Sansa and Theon survive that high jump?

What diaster will Cersei incur now that she’s free?

Where is Daenerys and will Drogon survive his injuries? What about the other 2 dragons??

Arya blind? What? Why?

Tyrion… Don’t you just love Tyrion?!

And Jon Snow… Is he really dead?

I hate to break it to you faithful Jon Snow peeps, but sources say he is, indeed, dead. Of course, we could all be fooled and shocked with another Snow appearance. (We’ve been shocked before, MANY times.) But the chances are slim. Oh well. Another beloved character is gone.

So as you ready yourself for the season premier, cooking up a roasted rack of lamb, perhaps some shepherd’s pie and stocking up on red wine – practice these warrior poses to build stamina for what’s bound to be an eventful evening!


Warrior I – Virabhadrasana I

For Sansa and Theon, as they escape the evil claws of Ramsay…


  • Energizes the entire body.
  • Lengthens your arms, legs, spine, neck and belly.
  • Strengthens your legs, ankles, back, shoulders and arms.
  • Opens your hips, chest and lungs.
  • Improves circulation, breathing, focus and balance.
  • And ready yourself for the fight of your life, escaping whatever is keeping you down!

Humble Warrior – Baddha VirabhadrasanaFullSizeRender (2)

In honor of Cersei, following her atonement and walk of shame…


  • Stretches the hips, shoulders and chest.
  • Strengthens the ankles, quads, hamstrings and glutes.
  • Opens the shoulders, chest and hips.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Balances the energy moving down to the earth with the energy moving up through the arms.
  • And gives you confidence to move through whatever atonement you’ve endured!


IMG_4495Warrior II – Virabhadrasana II

For Daenerys, as she enters into an unknown land and culture, far away from those faithful to her…


  • Strengthens the legs, ankles and muscles surrounding the spine.
  • Stretches the legs, groin, chest and shoulders.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Relieves backaches.
  • Stimulates digestion.
  • And gives you many options for transitioning from one place to the next, all while saving your dragons and faithful followers. 

One of my favorite warrior poses!

Reverse Warrior – Viparita VirabhaddrasanaIMG_4606

For one who can’t seem to catch a break ~ Arya…


  • Improves concentration and breathing.
  • Strengthens legs, back, shoulders and arms.
  • Stretches abdomen, chest and spine.
  • Lengthens the spine.
  • Moves the spine in an opposite direction.
  • And being one of the more difficult warrior poses to breathe in, this posture will teach you that no matter what you’re going through, or how hard it is to find your breath… You’ll make it. You’ll find it. 


FullSizeRender (1)Warrior III – Virabhadrasana III

For Tyrion. Good ‘ol Tyrion. Who talks, charms, and manipulates his way through the stickiest scenarios…


  • Strengthens the legs, ankles, shoulders and muscles of the back.
  • Tones the abdominals.
  • Improves balance and concentration.
  • Heck, I believe this warrior pose works every single muscle in the body, including the brain.
  • Master this and you’ll master negotiations, including those that convince others to save “dwarf-sized” body parts until the dwarf is, in fact, seen. 


Happy Game of Thrones viewing!

And happy practicing!

namaste xo

Update: So… Jon Snow is back. It was truly a surprise to me, unlike my husband and many of my friends. Note to self, in the entertainment world, online information is never gospel. Still an amazing show though!

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