“Just do yoga!” …or that which inspires YOU.

“Just do yoga!” said my 10 yr old. I love her frankness and her ability to see into the heart of others.

The month of April was a little tense, wasn’t it? Something was in the air – a nudge (at times stronger than others) to start anew. Not really sure what it was (or is… it’s still there for me. You?). Maybe it’s the springtime air bringing excitement and opportunity for new growth. Maybe it’s the Grand Cardinal Cross that happened on April 23.

“Ok, you lost me there, Sabrie.”  Stay with me:)

According to astrologers, this is a very crucial time with Mars (action), Uranus (revolution and self), Jupiter (optimistic growth), and Pluto (death and rebirth) all pushing you from the inside to act and find your power.

(If you want to read more, check it out… http://omtimes.com/2014/04/grand-cardinal-cross-april-23-2014/)

You can take this with a grain of salt, completely chunk it or completely love it. I, myself, find it very interesting.  And whether or not you believe or follow astrology, you have to admit it’s pretty cool the way the tides move in and out according to the moon (the fuller the moon, the higher the tide), how animals cross landscapes and move through ocean currents in a migratory pattern year after year by way of forces beyond our senses, how pregnant women go into labor in greater numbers at a certain time every month, etc. Those are just a few examples. Call it what you will, but this universal force has a profound effect.

So an act of Seva – a call of duty – to live and share my passion – to drop everything and just do/teach yoga, is what I’m feeling. How could I not? It feels completely unnatural to do anything but, and the excitement and ideas build and build… but I must think with a clear head.

Some people are right-brained; others are left-brained. Some people are ruled by the mind and logic. Me, on the other hand, am ruled by the heart. I could drop everything right now and just do yoga without a problem. It’s a service I’ve fallen in love with.

Recently, I was offered a position to teach 2 more classes a week. And I SO wanted to take it. The people were wonderful and the chi was rockin! However, after looking at my current situation, I just couldn’t afford to cut back more than I already have. I have other responsibilities (my 3 amazing, and often demanding, young girls) and must balance my yoga instructing with family and work. Isn’t that what yoga teaches us anyway? To find balance – to give and take so that we may be able to truly, wholeheartedly enjoy the present moment? I diverge…

Anyway, being a single mom, I have to, of course, be able to provide for my kiddos. And gratefully, no less. But hopefully they see my passion and learn the importance of loving what you do, not just doing something to make ends meet. I want them to learn love, passion, living and dreaming. I want them to learn to set a goal and head straight for it, no matter what bumps in the road or detours along the way. If you feel a calling, know what it is, and set your sights on it. And if you don’t quite yet, it’s okay. Not everyone who wanders is lost.

Nonetheless, I’ve set my goal and my plan in action. I have other things brewing that will help me get to the point where I CAN just do yoga. YES, I am inspired and it is SO exciting!! I can’t wait to share it with you!! So look for new things on the horizon from sunshineandyoga! ❤

As for you, don’t give up on your dream, whatever it is! We all run low on inspiration at times, including yours truly. Let’s help each other. Feel free to throw some my way, and I’ll most definitely do the same. We’re all in this together. There’s enough love and opportunity for us all! Keep your enthusiasm yet work with realistic means. You DO have everything you need RIGHT NOW to make that first, small, realistic step toward your dream. No need to complicate it.

Tell me what you love. What inspires you?

“It’s not who you are that holds you back; it’s who you think you’re not.”

Rock on! x x

Om Shanti:)




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