Finding YOGA anywhere for the month of March.

Some of you know the reason behind my daily #findYOGAanywhere pics, and some of you are asking me about it and wondering why. To be honest, it’s mainly for fun! Though it’s turning out to be a lot more.

Yoga Travel Tree (a source for finding retreats, teacher trainings, events, etc.) posted a challenge for the month of March that looked like A LOT of fun. Find yoga anywhere!! (I’ve never taken yoga pics before, I thought.) Just a quick sign-up and the first pose was sent through email.

It’s fun not knowing what the next day’s pose will be. Some days I find myself looking forward to their email with tomorrow’s pose. Like tomorrow’s… Triangle (Trikonasana). I LOVE trikonasana!! Some poses are not really favorites of mine, but they’re essential to the practice. It is said… the pose you tend to avoid is the one you need the most. So very true. That one pose will teach you more about yourself, show you more about yourself, if you’re willing to “see” it, than all the other poses you so love.

I’m finding this challenge to be quite freeing. Since the intent is to find yoga ANYWHERE, I’ve had to let go of the worry of what other people might think. Thinking less about maintaining an image of myself and focus more on having fun and being creative.

I’m also noting myself to have some trepidation before posting a pic. Why?? Why am I nervous about sharing what I look like while doing yoga? I don’t do yoga in front of mirrors, so in my head I’m feeling and thinking I look like Kathryn Budig! What if I really don’t?! I have to remind myself it’s okay. It’s okay not to look like Kathryn Budig. Every body is different. I remind my new yogis of this ALL the time. Don’t judge your beginning to someone else’s middle. SO important. So with this, I’m learning to let go of judgement from myself and from others.

My, how complicated we make things sometimes.


With 9 days down and 22 to go, the fun has just begun!

Thanks so much for the “likes”, comments, and support thus far!! You are all so sweet! And more than welcome to join me at any time:)

Rock on, my friends! Namaste:)

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