“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child

So I promised you guys a bit of news from me a few weeks ago, so here it is…

I am reducing my hours at work to teach more yoga! YAY!

I am super stoked!! Okay, maybe it’s not the biggest announcement there is, but it’s HUGE to me:) My bosses at work are being so great and cooperative, realizing how passionate I am about yoga. I truly feel blessed.

I love my job, who I get to work with, and absolutely LOVE being a part of a team that brings vision back to people. Sure there are those patients who don’t appreciate what you do, how much sight they’ve regained, or how much ground they’ve held on to. Some people are just “meh” people. Not moved by much or complain about a lot. But it’s those others who are so grateful who bring you to tears.

Helping and making a difference is what it’s ALL about.

So yoga! Yes, I LOVE yoga! Have I mentioned that? 🙂 And even more, I LOVE sharing it. Of course teaching yoga is a job, but it doesn’t feel like it – I love it so. I have been given an opportunity to join the wonderful staff of the studio where I received my teacher training. Keeping my current classes at a lovely little studio down the street, I am adding 2 more classes a week at the new Den. Woot! Woot!

Can you say, 4 classes a week?! Oh yeah! And who knows what the future holds… maybe more. But right here, right now, I am one lucky lovin’ yogi enjoying the journey.

8589130447118-hands-making-a-heart-in-the-sunset-wallpaper-hd.jpgAnd here’s the part that feels like a speech at the Academy Awards, but so entirely necessaryTHANKS to all the awesomely supportive Loves in my life, starting with my parents and my boyfriend ~ for without them and their help with my girls, this wouldn’t be nearly as possible. So much love, I have for you all.

See you on the mat!

Share the love, friends x x

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