Can we truly be present while planning for the future/for change?

The answer is YES.

As a yoga practitioner, being mindful and staying in the now comes easier than it used to. Most of the time, I’m very mindful of my breath and space around me, using thought and pranayama (breathing) to move my body between and through asanas (poses). But at times my mind wanders away into worries or concerns, and I notice that for a moment my breath becomes shallow or I lose balance.

And, man, can I worry! I do have a tendency to get lost in the “what if’s”, if I let myself.

This is normal. We are all human, and our minds wander. But it’s that wandering into worry or stressing over what’s about to happen that takes you out of the present moment.


It is entirely possible to plan for change, for the future, while remaining present in the moment.

We plan in the present.

  • Be mindful of your current situation, know your condition, and feel your desire to change, to grow.
  • Envision in the now where you’d like to be in the future, just as you envision yourself in the posture you’d like to make with your body in yoga.
  • Make a list in the now of what you would like to change and of what you would like to remain.
  • Plan with what you currently have, in order to get to where you’d like to be.
  • Then rinse and repeat every now and then to assess and continue on your path (or re-plan, if needed) as time passes and growth occurs.

In your practice, see yourself where you’d like to be then make a plan for how to get there. Maybe you try a bind or try to hold a balance a little longer. Maybe you try to get your chest one centimeter, one millimeter even, closer to your leg. Every small amount of growth counts. Even if you take a moment to remain stagnant, your muscles are still growing/lengthening/strengthening on a cellular level; it counts.

In this thing called life, right here/right now, notice where you are. Acknowledge it. Feel it. Embrace it. You are where you are for a reason. And if you find yourself worrying and/or getting anxious, just remember you are taking yourself out of the present moment. Bring yourself back to the breath, back to the now.

All it takes is a few deep breaths to calm the nervous system. Close your eyes, take a pause. Breathe. Extend the exhale and find how it soothes the brain. When we do this, we send a signal to our parasympathetic nervous system that all is okay. Then only when the breath and mind return … sit down and make a plan.

No need to worry about the future – it isn’t here yet. Most of what we worry about never happens anyway. We do not cross bridges until we reach them, right? But we do plan on how to get to those bridges. We map out our directions and best routes. It’s only when we reach said bridges and find them uncrossable, that we make a different plan.

You are not stuck, my friend. There is always a way. The one beautiful constant in life is change. Maybe it’s not a huge change, but a baby change. No worries. It’s all good. Life happens between the goals. Plan for how you’d like to reach those goals BUT enjoy the process, as well.

Wishing you a peace full adventure.

Namaste, loves:)

Om shanti.

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