Finding your ‘reset button’ with the New Year.

I just came back from my favorite class. Saturday morning yoga at the Den – heated, lovingly crowded, kick-ass but also forgiving. Amazing energy. Amazing class.

For the past many+ years, I’ve had a favorite Saturday morning ritual to help ‘reset’ my mind and body from the rigors of the work week that would without fail begin again come Monday. First, it was a fab class at the YMCA. Now, it’s this yummy class at Yoga Den. I can’t always make it every Saturday; but when I do, I get to find my “ahh…” moment again.

The winter months are a great time to reset. With the winter solstice, the Earth tilts its north pole back toward the Sun. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this means our days get shorter – less daylight to do the things we love. But as time goes by, as we pass the longest night of the year, the days start to lengthen giving us room and hope of more to come. Even though we haven’t even begun to make it out of the coldest part of winter, the promise of summer is around the corner.


The ritual of bringing out twinkly lights and candles at the end of the year is a way we bring in light while the nights grow longer. Closings usually mean darkness, whether it’s the end of a day or the end of a time in life. So to help us persevere, to help us bring warmth to our lives, we light it up and keep it glowing. There’s energy abound with friends and family and the multitudes of functions and parties for the holidays.

But as I took down the decorations of Christmas several days ago, the house felt a bit emptier and dimmer. The lights were gone, as was the excitement and anticipation of Santa for my kids. For me, the closing of yet another year brings many reflections and feelings of gratitude. This year came with many trials, no doubt, but the graciousness it brought is beyond measure.

And this New Year brought with it the beauty of a New Moon. New Beginnings. New Energy. New Opportunities.

Until a couple years ago, I never fully understood the energy of a new moon. I totally understood the energy of a full moon – my kids went crazy and my tolerance ran low… not to mention the whirlwinds that would happen at work. But you must face it. You must examine it and look within yourself to find what you need to move through it.

A new moon, I’ve learned, is the flip side of this occurrence. The yin of the yang. The ebb of the flow. There’s more graciousness, more intrigue, more resolutions and a pull to begin anew. Sure, if you don’t have your shit together when a new moon arises, it can feel quite crazy too. I’ve been there. In comes this energy driving you to a new beginning, and sometimes we fight it. But if you go with this flow, you can move your life in this rhythm, fine tune your intentions, and put them into action.

So cheers to you, though a few days late, and a very Happy New Year!

Wrap around this opportunity to harness the New Year’s energy. Resolve and reset.

And ask yourself, what is it that drives you? What is it that makes you smile?



As my kids chased the pine needles that showered the floor while the Christmas tree was being carried outside, I was again reminded of what’s important. Worry less and enjoy life. Do what’s necessary and dutiful, but also do what makes you happy.

Namaste, friends xx

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