Just me, myself, and my mat…

…and my puppy beast (aka Bella).


This morning was the first morning in a long time that I’ve had time to do whatever. No kids. No agenda. No place to be. The girls are off to their dad’s for the first part of the holiday. And even though I miss them terribly, I like to take advantage of the quiet to regroup.

On mornings like this, I almost always go to The Den for my favorite 8am Bhakti Flow class. But this morning, I felt different. Even though I love the community and the class, I felt I needed time alone to center and rejuvinate. No need to dress in my “nice” yoga attire, put my contacts in, or take my socks off to stretch. (I love to stretch with socks on!)Photo(15)

Cranking up the heat, wearing my rattiest yoga pants, t-shirt and glasses, I rolled out my mat and without thinking, my body found “down dog” (adho muhka svanasana).

Have you ever craved time to simply be upside-down? Ok, maybe not everyone craves to be upside-down. But I do:) Being the up-right bipeds we are, it’s only natural to spend the majority of the day with our head above our heart and feet. But it feels SO good to flip things and send energy back to your brain, especially after a draining workweek.

(For those of you with high blood pressure, and/or eye issues such as glaucoma or history of retina detachment, you may want to consult your doctor before being inverted for any length of time.)

Letting my library of music shuffle, I flowed through the sequence my body asked for. All the while, my sweet pup laid right in the middle of my mat. Every now and then she’d try a little nibble, as if to say, “let’s play!” But I’d continue and she settled right back down on my mat. Animals sense our moods and states of being. Bella is so very high-energy! But when my mat’s out, she shares in my chi and chills:) A few postures are challenging with her there. Upward-facing dog (urdhva mukha svanasana) is quite difficult with an object beneath you. However, I modified and continued through my practice.

As in life, we must modify. We must navigate around obstacles to get to where we’d like to be. There is always a way. It may not be your Plan A or Plan B that gets you there. Maybe it’s your Plan Q – but nevertheless, you will get there.

And breathe. This can be a very hectic time of year. Take a moment to breathe and remember, it’s okay if you don’t cross everything off your to-do list. Your presence means more than your presents.

Namaste, friends:)

PS.. soon after the mat was up and the yoga bliss subsided, she was back to chewing my socks and trying to eat the cat. Gotta love it. Swaha (let go) …