yoga is…

yoga is night.

yoga is day.

yoga is getting lost,

then finding yourself once again.

yoga is balance.

yoga is strength.

yoga is uniting effort and ease.

yoga is contracting.

yoga is releasing.

yoga is moving and breathing.

yoga is uplifting.

yoga is upwelling.

yoga is feeling your limits

to test your edge.

yoga is learning.

yoga is growing.

yoga is giving all you have,

when it’s hard to breathe.

yoga is you.

yoga is me.

yoga is all of us

and where we want to be.

yoga is relationship.

yoga is honesty.

yoga is knowing your shit

and being okay with it.

yoga is grace.

yoga is love.

yoga is understanding

you are love.

yoga is a circle.

yoga has no end.

here i could go on and on, my friend.

but what i want to know

is what yoga means to you.

share a little smile and perhaps a story too:)

Namaste, loves.

Happy Harvest Moon.


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