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A Little Update (and in need of a little facelift)

Again, time has run away with me. Summer! That’s what it is! I’ll blame the loveliness of Summer. The long lazy days of the weekends when I don’t want to do anything but soak in the sunshine and enjoy the loves around me. In the past 4 days, I have been to the beach for 3 of them. How luxurious! And it was – simply gorgeous. The weather was perfect with the sea breeze keeping the clouds inland, not too hot yet not too windy. We timed it perfectly, arriving just before low-tide, and finding a tide pool that my youngest simply loves to play in. The waves were gentle and evenly spread. And the beach (my beach) was not crowded – though I did notice more families and less lone fishermen. Perhaps more people are finding this gem along A1A. I’m okay with it, as long as they take care of her.

So, the update…

Not much of an update. More like a Hello, I’m still here and working on… kind of post.

I AM in need of a facelift. Not myself; my blog. I feel like it’s too cluttered with all the colors and jazz up top. I’m looking to simplify a bit and have looked and looked through the themes, yet nothing really grabs me. I’m toying around with starting my own .com and being able to design however I want. But am I really at that stage? Do I have that many readers to warrant such a change? And would those said readers have a different experience seeing the change and find my words less enjoyable to read? In all honesty, I would change it for myself and hope my readers would like it anyhow, though those questions run through my head. A dear friend asked if I would expound on recent posts, so I get the feeling you would continue to join me no matter the appearance.

That’s when Yoga settles in! …letting go of ego, letting go of appearances and just being. Move this way or that. Be this way or that. Without judgement from yourself or others. Try something new – if it works, great! If it doesn’t, move on and try again.

My 30-day Yoga Challenge…

I have to admit, I didn’t do yoga every day for 30 days. I gave it an honest try, and I did do yoga more often than in previous weeks. But I learned that in life, no matter what you want, sometimes things just don’t fit. Doing yoga every day for me doesn’t fit. At least not right now. Hopefully one day it will. But with small children and a full time job, other things come first. That’s not to say I didn’t do yoga in the sense of meditation, mindful breathing, or finding peace through a stressful event. But the asanas (poses) had to wait some days.

I did find that yoga is truly a lifestyle. I knew this before entering the challenge, however the pressure of the challenge really drove it home for me. I really had to let go of my ego on days when practicing an hour of yoga simply was not feasible. I really had to be okay with myself for not accomplishing what I had set out to do. Accept where you are with what you have at the present time. We may all have an intention to move forward (however that may be: mindfully, physically, emotionally, financially), which is a healthy position to have. However, it’s important to love what you have before loving something more. Otherwise it just feels like mindless wandering.

My creative juices, thanks to Jonathan Livingston Seagull…

I still have my supplies and have even bought more. I am an auntie, again, to a beautifully sweet baby girl in South Africa. I have seen her via Skype and am dying to squeeze and love her. Until then, I will send my love via a name painting, similar to what I did for her sister. However, I am very intrigued with Mixed Media Arts and am slow in the process of creation. It may take me a few tries (thank goodness I have a couple months before its ride leaves!), but I’ll share it when it’s done. Too shy to share the actual process… perhaps another time.

My daughter’s trip and the Supermoon…

My daughter had a fabulous time in DC, and the Supermoon was fabulously powerful, huh? And with a Mercury Retrograde to follow. How lovely. Just trying to go with the flow and see where it leads me. Retrogrades do have a tendency to upwell unresolved issues and/or feelings for us to deal with. Yet staying with my Super Moon post, we are always in the middle of something, aren’t we? One something is ending while another something is beginning. The middle is where the meat is (or for the vegetarians, where the protein is). What that’s line from Hope Floats?…

“Beginnings are usually scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s what’s in the middle that counts. So when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will.”

Speaking of, I do have more than a little of an update…

I have acquired my own yoga class in a gym! Yeah, I’m totally stoked (and nervous). A sweet friend who went through the 200-hr training with me thought of me when she couldn’t keep the class any longer. I start this Wednesday and I haven’t even coordinated my playlist! You guys know how I am about my playlist… more nervous about it than my sequencing. Crazy, yes.

Well, my beachy weekend has come to a close. The saltiness is gone and my sugarplums are fast asleep.

Have a great night and remember… Breathe.

Namaste, loves.

2 thoughts on “A Little Update (and in need of a little facelift)”

  1. Well you know I have multiple blog disorder, and constantly re-design and nit-pick, so I think it reflects how we feel about our own selves…and if you need to simplify, then, by all means, simplify online as well. [but i personally find your design is nice and clean and pretty!]
    As for getting your own class – that is SOO exciting!! I want to take it!!

    1. You’re so sweet, Ashley! I’d love to have you in my class!! I think you’re right about the desire to change and/or simplify revealing how we feel about our self. I’ve been wanting to simplify more lately, down to cutting my hair off into a pixie cut. Less time getting dressed = more time to do the things I love. I haven’t quite made up my mind though. So perhaps I’ll start with the blog lol. Can’t wait to catch up on yours!

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