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super moon. super gratitude.

My oldest is off to Washington, DC for the next 6 days with her 5th grade Safety Patrol group. I drove her downtown where there were 9 charter buses all lined up to welcome some of the city’s finest kids. We woke at 4am to make sure we were on time. As I drove, she was quiet as a mouse. I could feel both the excitement and nervousness in the car. I kept the conversation light and positive, even though “She’s going SO far!” were my thoughts. Talk about letting go. She said, “Bye, Mommy, I’ll FaceTime you,” I don’t know how many times right before boarding the bus. Perhaps she felt my nerves. My sweet girl. She’s growing up. So excited for her. Sending love ALL along the way.

A Supermoon is upon us – a time when a full (or new) moon has the closest approach to Earth in its entire elliptical orbit. Do you feel its force? I do. Super emotions, super excitement, super love, and super inspiration. Full moons can be very powerful, so it’s important to focus on harnessing more of the energy you want than what you don’t want. We can do this by

refraining from getting angry,

remaining calm,

remembering to breathe,

thinking positive thoughts,

envisioning (perhaps creating a written list of) your dreams,

and sending out love.

A full moon is like an emotional fertilizer. Whatever is going on in your body, mind, and spirit will be intensified. And this is a Super Moon! The next occurrence won’t be until August of 2014. Feel and create, or simply sit and enjoy. We’re the drivers on this road of life. We can choose which trail to hike, which wave to surf. Pick the one you want and make way in a happy, uplifting light.

At the corner of Park and King St.

As I was driving home after kissing my daughter goodbye, the roads were quiet. The world (my world) was still, not yet awake and starting the day. Though every now and then I heard birds begin to sing and chirp, especially on the quiet back roads. I took the long way home, the scenic route, one of my favorite drives through the city, to enjoy this solitude and time to reflect. One side of the sky was the beautiful Moon shining down illuminating the way home. The other side was a baby blue hue from the Sun beginning to climb. One was a closing. One was a beginning. If I had had the ability, I would’ve stopped time. Just for a minute ~ a lovely moment.

I am grateful. I am blessed. Enjoying today and creating tomorrow.

Om shanti XO

2 thoughts on “super moon. super gratitude.”

  1. Oh I love that picture! The kids caught the moon for us – we were wrapped up in a dinner party and all the kids were playing on the other side of the yard. They all started shouting and we dragged us up the hill to see it. Thank goodness our children are here to take care of this stuff for us. Thank goodness your daughter reassured you – I would need that, too! Gulp!!

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