Letting go to find Inspiration

Photo1I have been very quiet on the blog front lately.  A few thoughts have come across here and there but nothing complete enough to send into the great open world of the web. So as I sort through the jumbled mess of life lately and wait for a break from the noise, I am letting go…

…letting go of the guilt from working and not getting to spend these summer days with my kids. We have great moments of fun in the sun, or playing in the rain, when the schedules allow. Cherishing the moments we have.

…letting go of the expectation to do yoga every day during my 30-day challenge. What exactly constitutes “doing yoga”? Ok, so maybe I’m not going into a studio each day, but I am getting in 10-15 minutes of something if not the 60-90 minutes that’s typical of me. Honoring the intention of exploration.

…letting go of a heavy heart.  All of the things done to me, I have most likely done to someone else. Every thing, every one, is a lesson, has a reason for being there. Great or small. Forgiving myself and those who have caused pain.

…letting go of tense hands. Throughout the day, I frequently open my hands and stretch my fingers. It feels wonderful! In birthing classes (years ago), I was taught to release my hands and let energy flow out the fingertips. It’s the same with Yoga. Much easier to breathe and release tension with open palms. Opening my heart.

Yesterday while running errands, I had 3 different encounters with perfectly good strangers. All random and none where I felt uncomfortable. One happened while I was sitting in traffic heading across town – – a lady rolled down her car window and asked how to get to the beach. The next, in the grocery – – an elderly man asked if the watermelon in my cart was good. (Yes it is! Yum!) And the 3rd – – a girl walked up to me in the parking lot simply to pay a sweet compliment.

Yes, Universe, I hear you. Pay attention, for there is beauty all around.

After lunch with my parents, (Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I love you!) I went to soak up some sunshine before the weekend’s end. I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach on the beach. A book that was recommended by a dear friend and also one that inhabited both of my grandfathers’ libraries. How coincidental that I finish it on Father’s Day. I marked several noteworthy parts of the book, but one of my favorites reads:

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.”


So here I go. Ready to fly. Tools in hand (or on the table). Ready to Create!

Break out of your limitations.

“See the meaning of flight beyond a way of travel to get a breadcrumb from a rowboat.”


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