Soothing the “Second Brain”

I had a bad dream. A very bad dream. One that has taken me a few days to shake. You know the kind, I’m sure. One that you wake up from and not want to go back to sleep for fear you might dream it again. And even though it’s only a dream, those feelings stay with you for hours, days even. I’ve tried to sift through the emotions and see the symbolism, find the reason why my subconscious needed to play it out in such a manner.

And the reason is worry.  Too much concern of judgement from others.

An insecurity, yes. We all have them, however irrational they may seem. And in that moment it feels like it may not pass. That the tables may not turn just as you’d like them to.

So you breathe. Day in. Day out. And keep going.

And trying. Trying to be patient. We all know when times are tough, it’s hard to be patient. It’s difficult to simply acknowledge feelings and thoughts without judgement and let them work their way out. When I try to do this, my stomach gets all tight and my breath becomes very shallow. That’s when I look for my mat.

Yoga. Yes, hot, sweaty, amazingly detoxifying Yoga with many twists. Finding and holding deep twists helps focus your energy and balance the 3rd chakra –  the solar plexus, which is most likely out-of-whack if you’re feeling anxious.

3rd chakra

When we’re upset or angry, we feel it right in our gut, right in the upper abdomen. Our “second brain”. This part of the body is made of the same neural tissue as our brain. With over 100 million neurons lining the digestive system (more than in our spinal cord and as many as in a cat’s brain), it stays in close connection with our brain via the vagus nerves, which often influence our emotional state.

Ever feel “butterflies” in your stomach? Of course you do! That’s the brain in your stomach talking to the brain in your head. When we’re upset, blood is diverted from our gut to our muscles. This is the stomach’s way of protesting.

So as we twist and bring heat through concentration, breath and movement, we squeeze out toxins, make space and create a pathway for energy (prana) to flow. Right then left, right then left, repeating as many times as needed – bringing heat and awareness to the solar plexus, our 3rd chakra, and finding balance where it’s needed.

We find the power to stand alongside our likes and dislikes, to express ourselves in the world around us, and release ourselves of opinions or judgements from others and ourselves.

We find the courage to meet challenges and move forward in confidence.

Beautiful interpretation of the Solar Plexus Chakra by artist, Anne Cameron Sutri

Love and choose the best for yourself.  Be authentic and appreciate your strengths and weaknesses. Be at peace with yourself, yet seek opportunities to grow.

It’s a day to day thing sometimes. No pill or potion or session of yoga will give you balance for the rest of your days. Sure, bad days come, quite unannounced actually. But life is a dance. Breathe and know you have the strength.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Namaste, loves.

3 thoughts on “Soothing the “Second Brain””

  1. I had a bad dream this week. A very bad dream indeed. It was of the beach, which is usually so calming for me. But in this particular dream, there were tidal waves, which swallowed up people who I love almost more than life itself. It was one of the worst dreams I have ever had. When I woke, I knew it wasn’t true, but it has stayed with me for days. It obviously symbolizes how overwhelmed I feel with upcoming changes, both positive and negative. It always amazes me how powerful our dreams can be, and how much insight they can provide to our emotions.

  2. You’re so right. I have actually been suffering a lot of lower back pain in the last month, and I started noticing it is triggered by stress and anger. I need to practice yoga again for both the muscle strength and the stress and anger!!! Hmmmmm. Gotta start planning my training better…

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