Back to Center

Written directly on the beach… So if it’s choppy, smile and say it’s the wind.

Since my blog is called Sunshine and Yoga, it’s only fitting that I also write about my love of the Sun. It gives light. it gives warmth. It rises every morning and sets every evening without fail. Whenever I feel a bit down, it always helps to find a sunny place and breathe. Even if it’s just stepping outside of my home and into the sun. It’s rejuvenating. It’s revitalizing. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

After a week of work, I need to refuel and come back to center. I have a couple of events in my life right now that are adding more stress than is normally there – but really, when do we not, right? If we sit and focus on the negative, it seems like there’s always something. But that doesn’t do any good. So instead, I’m catching my breath and remembering what’s important and where my priorities rank above all else. Everyone refuels differently, sure. Me, being more of an introvert, I find my center best alone in my favorite place… The beach.

There are times when I feel too far from the beach and get grouchy not being able to get there, usually during the week while having to work. But in all honesty, I should remember to be thankful I live so close to the coast. It takes me only 30-45 minutes to find this salty goodness, this solace, depending on which beach I choose to go to. Isn’t that lovely? In Florida there are so many options. Which beach shall I go to today? I love it.


I pack my bag and hit the road. Blasting my favorite music, rolling down the windows, and enjoying the ride. I know every bump in the highway, every turn in the road, every tree overhanging A1A, and just what My Spot looks like on the horizon as my car approaches. And once I’m there, it’s whatever goes.


I watch the waves roll in and out. As one recedes, another rolls in. One after the other. Beautiful. I try to count the sets and my mind clears. In. Out. In. Out. Just like my breath. In comes energy. Out goes frustration. In comes freshness of the sun. Out goes the unneeded.

I listen to my iPod and sing into the wind. The sound of the ocean drowns out anything I sing so as to not bother others, who aren’t paying attention anyway. They’re having their own fun with frisbee or fishing or hunched over looking for sea shells.


I watch the birds looking for crumbs or running from the waves… kind of like my girls do, and I laugh.


I take a walk, letting the thoughts come and go. It’s wonderful how my mind opens with new ideas coming to light, and my heart fills with the compassion and patience I’ll need for the upcoming week. So many thoughts come and go, though, that I feel the need to stay longer to acknowledge them all, give each one time to circle through and work its way out into the blue. But the week is soon to start, and I know my cup will empty rather quickly. That’s when Yoga comes in. But for now, I’m at the beach – soaking up the Ocean Soul.


So went my afternoon at the beach. I watched birds squak over scraps of fish, sat in the beautiful sunshine and totally let go, then went for a walk in the surf. As I was walking, I looked up at the sky so blue and noticed a seagull going my way. She seemed to be floating above me, playing in the breeze, and letting the up-draft carry her forward . She stayed with me for quite a while. But just as I knew would happen, she left halfway through my walk. I bid her farewell as she flew out over the ocean. A sweet walking companion. Very thankful for the opportunity to go the same way for a while.


Now you know of my love of the Sun, as well as my love of Yoga.

I am refueled and back to center.

How do you refuel?

Om shanti, loves. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Back to Center”

  1. I’m going to need to re-read this, and re-read it…it’s beautiful. I may have shed a tear, missing Florida beaches and understanding exactly how you feel! Namaste.

  2. Oh, my Dear Sweet Sabrie, what a beautiful expression of your love of the sun and the beach. I too love the beach and find the same renewal, and crave to be near it, like you. My kids have the same love and I know my little granddaughter will too. I love more than anything being there with her and watching her play and run and splash, and dig and the best yet when she runs to the water with all her might and lets it bring her the ultimate joy. Thanks for sharing. Your seagull reminds me of the book,” Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, and the book “The Gift of THe Sea”. I know your road well, and recognize your beautiful pictures.

    1. Judy, your comments are so sweet and touch me deeply. I’m so happy to have found a kindred spirit in you. I love the book “Gift from the Sea”!! It’s one of my absolute favorites! I re-read it all the time. But I can’t believe I’ve not read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. It’s on my list now. Thanks for the reminder:)

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