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my 200-hr journey comes to an end ~ but more goodness begins

I’ve been working on this blog post for 3 days now. Trying to get it just so (now that I’m having fun adding pictures) – but something (someone) has been weighing heavy on my mind, then the news of the Boston Marathon bombings came, and I felt the need to hold from posting. How could I express something so joyful and full of gratitude when others were hurting? How could I be so at peace when a lot else was going wrong? But then I thought if we don’t share the happy stuff, we tend to get stuck in the sad. We all need a little boost every now and then. So with my heart heavy for those in need, I send my deepest and most sincere support and love – wishing you peace and comfort as I share what has been sitting in my “draft” folder for the past few days here on WordPress:

Today was the closing ceremony for our 200-hr teacher training!


What an exhilarating day with a fabulous group of yogis!

Though I must be tired.. as I look for the kids’ lunchboxes to set out for tomorrow, I ask myself ,”Where are their sunglasses?” And as I go to set my coffee for the morning, I turn towards the trash can to pour the water that I’ve filled from the sink. But all the same, I am so inspired! Even though this is the end of a training session, I feel it is only the beginning of a whole lot of yoga goodness to come!

It was such a beautiful morning! The sun had just come up and there was a lovely breeze blowing off the water. We rolled out our mats and started to settle in. Though the sun was in my face, I set my sunglasses aside because I didn’t want anything artificial keeping the elements from reaching every inch of my body. Well, there were my “whites”, yes, but without them it would’ve been a WHOLE different type of yoga. Not quite sure I’m ready for that! …So we’re settling in and listening to our instructor reminding us of the significance of the present moment, along with the rushing wind and the waves lapping up on the sand. As I closed my eyes, I wondered if I would get lost in the moment and do something totally different from what the group was doing. So I centered well and listened intently for her voice.

She guided us through cat-cow, adho muka svanasana (downward-facing dog), Surya Namaskar A (sun salutation A), virabhadrasana 1 and 2 (warrior 1 and 2), baddha konasana (bound angle), a few others… and yes, one legged downward-facing dog 🙂 (eka pada adho muka svanasana).

With each movement, I felt connected with my mat and the sand below, the sun rising above with the clouds rolling in, the ocean flowing full of life in front of me, and the lovely souls moving through breath and posture around me. I felt blessed. I felt humbled. I felt honored and grateful to have been given this opportunity to learn and grow.

And there were dolphins!!

I guess it only seems appropriate that they were there, being that is was Porpoise Point Drive… and it was morning, so they were probably feeding… but regardless, in my mind, they were there feeling our chi and wanting to play along, wishing us well, and spreading love.

Five+ years ago I began practicing yoga at the YMCA. I had done yoga for a few years prior but had never been so inspired and had not practiced so regularly. My instructor was so passionate and showed her love of yoga so well through her class that my week was incomplete if I missed. From there I started to venture out, especially after she left. I needed to expand. I needed a new yoga home. I needed to show others how wonderful and beneficial yoga can be! Then I landed where I am today.

I had no idea what I was getting into with the 200-hr course. I knew I would be immersed in yoga for weekends at a time, and I knew I would have a blast doing so. From what I had heard from a friend who had recently completed her training, I knew I’d learn a whole lot of good stuff and was super excited. But little did I know what an impact it would have on me and my life. I remember one of the assistant instructors telling us on our first weekend that this would be “one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself”. And she was right. Absolutely.


I am so grateful for this journey’s beginning, for it’s not an ending. I have learned so much – but there’s still so much to learn. Yoga is a practice. A dance with life. There’s always room to roll out your mat – on the floor, on the ground, under the trees, or wide open in the sun. Take a moment to center, to bring yourself back from all the stress and noise of every day life. Stretch a bit, open your joints, warm your muscles, and fill your lungs. Revive yourself for tomorrow…for who knows what it will bring. Trust in yourself and trust in the movement of the Universe. And invite a friend! Yoga with good chi next to you is awesome. We’re not always blessed with positive energy around us. So make your own. And remember, “one world is enough for all of us“.

Also, go easy on yourself. Our bodies and minds are at different levels from day to day, even throughout the day from morning to dusk. You may need more of one thing and less of another. Listen without judgement. And act without reacting. Rock it out! – however great or small. Feel good. Live well. And love more.

Namaste, friends:)

Ps ~ Thank you so much for joining me over the past nine months. You’ve warmed my heart and fed my soul. And if you so choose, I’ve decided to continue blogging about life, love and Yoga. Here, another journey begins. I’m excited!

1 thought on “my 200-hr journey comes to an end ~ but more goodness begins”

  1. Like your “ending” being a “beginning”, I found myself reading your post from the bottom up, and then again top down. Such balance! Congratulations! I look forward to reading where your journey heads next.

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