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I love…

This past weekend (the 4th of 9 total sessions) included so much. I am still ruminating and processing it all. From actual class experiences to helping with assists,  from learning about chakras and meditation to life in general mixed in. So in my quest for understanding, I will keep it simple. Very simple, and list my discoveries:

I love to flip my dog.

I love to see feet in the air while I’m inverted.

I love the sound of bare feet walking/maneuvering around the mats.

I love that while doing vinyasas this weekend, I felt light as a feather.

I love feeling tired at the beginning of yet another yoga class then feeling refreshed and full of life at the end.

I love that I remembered the great assists from Yoga Fest and was able to share them with fellow students.

I love that assisting is more than correcting postures; it’s about sharing energy and love with another.

I love the friendships we’re creating.

I love learning about the human body – its energy and spirit – and how we all have ways of tapping into higher levels of spiritual awareness, be it through the seven heavens of Judaism, Christianity’s seven sacraments, the seven tiers of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, or the seven chakras of Hinduism and Buddhism.

I love feeling firsthand that the intangible is real.

I love that to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

I love a walk on a beautiful day.

I love the taste of rich chocolate.

I love the look in my children’s eyes when I really get through to them.

I love the human touch.

I love to twist.

I love to invert.

I love arm balances.

I love the quote… Our first commitment should be to our breath. Breath is a gift and there is strength is being able to control it.

I love that there is enough love in this world for you AND me and it’s expansive.

I love the freedom in letting go.

I love that we are more alike than different.

I love that the purpose of meditation is to not hide from life but to experience life more fully.

I love that when the tongue and jaw is relaxed, the body sends a parasympathetic signal to the brain that all is well.

I love that with each breath we are given the opportunity to bring in energy and evaluate and respond without reaction.

I love to have learned another significance to the number 108: 1 for the self. 0 for the nothingness. 8 for the infinite.

I love the belief that every being wants to find happiness and avoid suffering. With that thought, the sense of self dissipates and the mind becomes more aware, more clear.

Notice sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Bring awareness to the breath, bring awareness to the present moment and act without reacting. Tune-in instead of tuning out. Enjoy a moment of appreciation.

Namaste, loves. Om shanti.

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