3 days til…unedited

3 days til I lead my first yoga session. Unedited. No script. No first draft. No backspace or delete. I am nervous. I am speechless. I am humbled.

I am nervous, because I’m afraid of losing my voice when others are expecting me to guide them from one movement to the next. I know exactly in my head what I want to say. It’s finding the words and forming them into complete sentences, or even comprehensive fragments, that worries me. I’m nervous about finding the right music to accompany my hour. But I’ve decided not to worry so much and do what works for me in hopes they’ll like it. With 3 days left to prepare, I’m less in the worried stage and more in the acceptance stage. What will be, will be. And it will be fun, regardless. I hope I spark someone’s interest in yoga. Someone who has never tried it. Hopefully they’ll find the grace and power that comes from an hour of yoga with others of the same mind. The energy will be great. I just know it. We’ll feed off of each other and just go with the flow. And perhaps laugh in the process.

I am speechless because of the feedback I’ve already received. A huge handful of people have inquired about Sunday with hopes of participating. I love yoga and have wanted to share that love for a very long time. But I really didn’t expect others to want to follow me to a class. I am honored. Truly.

I am humbled by the instructing process. Still. A lot goes into it. The music. The lighting. The temperature. The instruction. Rolling out with others is a lot like riding waves. But there’s someone who has created that environment for wave riding. And now that someone is me.

Trust in yourself and believe you are where you are meant to be. Life falls into place when the time is right. No pressure. No judgement. You may not always know the reason why just when you desire, but you will. In time. The reason will always reveal itself. Have fun. Trust in the process. Love life. And love others.


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