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Beauty at Yoga Fest


All day yesterday was the 2nd Annual North Florida Yoga Fest at the Riverside Arts Market. I wish I could have spent every minute there, but due to having to work, I just made it for the 108 Sun Salutations and am very happy I did. 108 of anything sounds like a feat in and of itself, so naturally I was inclined to go and give it a shot without giving any thought to why it was 108 of them. However a couple of days ago, I was inspired to research the significance of that number in yogic tradition. As it turns out, there are several meanings behind the number 108 …. Similar to Catholics and their rosary, Hindus have prayer beads called malas that consist of 108 beads (with an additional “guru bead”). There are 108 sacred sites in India, in addition to 108 sacred places of the body. But what I found most interesting is that both the sun and the moon have an average distance to the Earth 108 times their individual diameters. How cool is that?! Various mathematicians some thousands of years ago held 108 as a number of great power and wholeness of existence. So when I read this, I was bound and determined to finish all 108!


And I did. Much to my surprise, it was easier than I had anticipated. Upon arrival, I spotted a few of my fellow teachers-in-training and rolled-out next to them. I was very happy to share in their energy and practice with them for the entire 2 hours. It was amazing. It felt so great to be there – – from the loveliness of looking across the river at our beautiful city to the feeling of twisting and sinking deeper into postures, from the grace and energy of the friends surrounding me to the power and love of the assists I received, from hearing one of the guest instructors say You are stronger than you think! to believing  that Yeah, I can finish this!, to the warm sun shining directly on my face to the river breeze blowing the hair from my eyes just when I needed it. I was in my element. I was in line with the Universe. My breath deeper. My body pliable. My heart open. My soul full.





I am ever grateful to have shared in such a beautiful day with such beautiful people.


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