Breathe out the day

I roll out my mat. Turn on the space heater to heat the room. Turn on music with lyrics of another language to help clear the mind – – some favorites… “Alla Luce Del Sol” and “Gira Con Me” by Josh Groban and “Adi Shakti” by Mantra Girl. I breathe… sinking further into the lyrics and the flow of the notes. On my back, I stretch out the length of my body, arms above my head, legs stretched out long, feeling every inch getting longer with each breath. Raising my legs to “legs up the wall”, or viparita karani, I bring the blood flow back to the center of my body for rejuvenation. It is said that 30 minutes in this position is equivalent to 3 hours of sleep. …Sounds like a nice addition to my daily lunch break… I rise to boat pose, or paripurna navasana, for a minute or two then move into seated forward bend, or paschimottanasana. Forward bends are excellent for leaving the outside world aside and moving into your center. Breathing in. Breathing out, I move deeper into my stretch. Taking care to listen to my body and its limits for the day, for each day is different – not every day will your body let you do what you want, let you move how you want, let you stretch as deep as you’d like – I move through wide-angle seated forward bend (upavistha konasana), one-legged king pigeon (eka pada rajakapotasana), mermaid, splits, dancer’s pose (natarajasana), crow or crane (kakasana), headstand, then more splits and forward bends (uttanasana), and finally extended child’s pose. I am warm, gooey, and happy. Inspired to let go. Inspired to put away expectations, worries I’ve held onto for the day. I have not been able to get in to the studio in a week, and I miss it. But my makeshift studio is nice. It is warm. It is comfortable. It is quiet. And I find my center.

May you find yours and breathe out the day.

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