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Day 2 of weekend 2

Day 2 of weekend 2 and I feel great. Today was a completely awesome day, even though I’m completely pooped right now. Speaking of… Did you know, when doing yoga postures and movements you should always go from right to left? I had no idea! But indeed, it does aid in eliminating wastes from the body. The ascending colon runs up the right side of the lower abdomen leading to the transverse colon running horizontal to the earth with the descending colon running down the left side. Didn’t mean to get all yuk just then, but don’t want you to get constipated while doing yoga!

As I stated above, today was awesome. It began with back-to-back power and mind/body classes. The instructor was amazing. She has this lovely balance of strength and ease as she directs us to move from one posture to the next. Add to that the way she says, “beautiful”, and you have an intoxicatingly rich yoga experience ~ both in the power class and the mind/body class. And I must say, I enjoy the back-to-back class experience. It feels a lot like riding waves or being in the ocean and feeling the current ~ beginning with centering, then riding the middle and enjoying whatever comes your way (sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts), then ending with shavasana. And there are always other waves within that have the same beginning, middle, and end but on a smaller scale. Just breathe, find movement, and go with the flow. Very fluid.

Afterwards we snacked then moved into our study of asanas, or postures. It’s wonderful to have that one-on-one time to learn the correct way to get into a pose. Even though I’ve been doing yoga for about 10 years now, I still have my questions about poses and if I’m doing them correctly. And honestly I hope to always be that way. I never want to get to the point of not being able to take direction, correction, or positive criticism. We can all learn from each other. Sometimes others can see things about yourself that you cannot. So I enjoyed the correcting of my alignment or placing of the foot or whatever. And the assisting…OH the assisting… It. Feels. Wonderful. To have someone assist in your stretching. To have their energy combined with your energy to reach your deepest expression. I’m having a hard time finding the words. Such love and care and compassion. So yummy. I know. To some I may sound coo coo for cocoa puffs, but I LOVE stretching. It’s my favorite part of any exercise routine. And to have someone help me get to a deeper stretch that I couldn’t get to on my own is just awesome. Accepting help is not always easy for me. My pride and ego tend to get in the way sometimes. Yet another reason to learn to embrace and let go.

My love to you. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 of weekend 2”

  1. I had no idea about the right-to-left! I just know that my body always feels better after taking a class, rather than trying to do moves on my own. The order of postures and the teacher’s voice make it happen. So excited you are doing this!

    1. aw sabrie! so sweet! i’m glad you’ve finally gotten there. it has truly changed my life. it’s become as natural as breathing and as necessary as eating. no matter how many classes you have taken, transitioning to teacher doesn’t come without much soul searching. i was certain they could hear my heart beating in my chest. but over the past year, i’ve learned so much about expectations.. am i able to give back to a class what it is i’ve come to need or want when i’m on the floor taking, which often varies? i still have to shake the nerves about not wanting to disappoint. will that ever go away? the truth i’ve learned for sure is that they are far less judgemental of me than i am. there’s peace in that if you’re willing to let your own voices go. i can’t wait to roll out my mat with you again. i miss seeing you on saturday’s!!!

      1. Kris, your words speak differently to me now that I’m reading this again after teaching my first class. Even more heartfelt and meaningful. Yoga IS “as natural as breathing and necessary as eating”. And I’m realizing I have a lot more soul searching to do to find that peace in letting my own voices go. I miss you!! Maybe we can teach a class together! Let’s at least roll out together soon.

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